Vendor Status Note JVNCIAC-P-138

Squid のバッファオーバーフローの脆弱性


Squid バージョン 2.5.STABLE7 およびそれ以前には、WCCP(web cache communications protocol) パケットの処理にバッファオーバーフローの脆弱性があります。

 - Squid バージョン 2.5.STABLE7 およびそれ以前


遠隔から第三者が Squid を実行しているユーザの権限を取得する可能性があります。


DebianDebian Security Advisory DSA-667
squid -- several vulnerabilities
Red Hatセキュリティアドバイス RHSA-2005:061
Updated Squid package fixes security issues
SquidSquid Proxy Cache Security Update Advisory SQUID-2005:3
Buffer overflow in WCCP recvfrom() call

  1. US-CERT Vulnerability Note VU#886006
    Squid vulnerable to buffer overflow via an overly long WCCP message
  2. ISS X-Force Database: squid-ntlm-fakeauth-dos(18818)
    Squid Web Proxy Cache NTLM fakeauth_auth helper denial of service
  3. ISS X-Force Database: squid-wccp-dos(18884)
    Squid Web Proxy Cache WCCP denial of service
  4. ISS X-Force Database: squid-gophertohtml-bo(18888)
    Squid Web Proxy Cache gopherToHTML buffer oveflow
  5. ISS X-Force Database: squid-ldap-acl-bypass(18983)
    Squid Web Proxy Cache LDAP bypass ACL
  6. ISS X-Force Database: squid-ntlm-type3-dos(19007)
    Squid Web Proxy Cache NTLM type 3 message denial of service
  7. ISS X-Force Database: squid-http-cache-poisoning(19060)
    Squid Web Proxy Cache HTTP header cache poisoning
  8. ISS X-Force Database: squid-wccp-recvfrom-bo(19142)
    Squid Web Proxy Cache

JPCERT REPORTJPCERT-WR-2005-0701 ( 2005-02-16 )
CIAC BulletinP-138 Updated Squid Package Fixes Security Issues ( 2005-02-11 )
CVE2005-0211 [CVE+] VU#886006,XF19142
2005-0094 [CVE+] XF18888
2005-0095 [CVE+] XF18884
2005-0096 [CVE+] XF18818
2005-0097 [CVE+] XF19007
2005-0173 [CVE+] XF18983
2005-0174 [CVE+]
2005-0175 [CVE+] XF19060
2005-0241 [CVE+] XF19060

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